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Paws4Life Pet Sitting’s founder Beth Richmond CVT has always had animals in her life either professionally while working as a Veterinary Technologist or personally while training and caring for her own fur family members.  As a Veterinary Technologist with over 20 years of experience she has been employed at emergency veterinary clinics in the ICU, veterinary clinical practices, and in pet insurance. She was often disappointed by the inadequate care other pet sitters where offering, the lack of professional animal experience, and medical experience.  It didn’t seem enough that other pet sitters loved animals, she felt you needed more.

She decided to start her own pet sitting company where she could offer professional medical experience and priority care.  To let someone who cares be home while you are away who understands your pets medical and behavioral needs.


I have known Beth for over seven years. I have used Paws 4 Life Pet Sitting on many occasions. Each time I am completely impressed with Beth’s professionalism.  Beth sends us lots of photo updates of our dogs so our minds are at ease.  I also love the fact knowing I have a “retired” RVT in my home – just in case.  Luckily, my current pups are in good health, but when I had an older dog with health issues, it certainly made leaving him for a weekend a lot less stressful for me.

Our dogs are well taken care of, if not, spoiled.  One of my rescues can get stressed, but when Beth is house sitting, she seems as relaxed as if we were there.  Knowing Beth can provide a stress-free visit with my dogs is amazing! The house is always clean before we leave, but I think our home is even cleaner when we return!

I have complete faith in having Beth stay at my home and take care of the pups.


Claire Coulber


I would highly recommend Beth Richmond as a pet sitter. Beth looked after our dog, Maddy, on numerous occasions. She was always reliable, caring, and professional. Beth always considers the need of the animal first and works with the owner to understand what those needs may be. Beth has a great affinity for animals… you know that your animal will always be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. Beth has an extensive technician background which allows her to understand the medical needs and concerns of the animal(s) in her care. Our dog, Maddy, had much difficulty getting around due to a degenerative neuropathy diagnosis. Beth was always careful, caring and compassionate with her. We never worried about Maddy’s well-being when she was with Beth. I highly recommend Beth as a pet sitter because there is no one who loves animals more and who wants what’s best for them at all times.