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The Well Groomed Difference!



~~About Well Groomed Mobile~~

We all understand that finding time to take your pet to the Groomers in today’s day and age is easier said than done, so why not have your pet groomed on your own schedule and in your own home?

Most mobile groomers with vans use recycled water and cage dryers, which can cause skin irritation and frighten most pets. Taking your pet to the groomer can be just as problematic as it can cause issues like stress, car sickness, and separation anxiety.


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Well Groomed Mobile was created as a different approach to grooming pets for everyone from stay at home moms, seniors, people and pets with disabilities, easily stressed pets, farm dogs, or pets that just don’t travel well.
Well Groomed Mobile is open 7 days a week, with mornings and evenings available to help accommodate for those busy schedules.  Now sit back and watch your pet be as relaxed as can be while they are being groomed in their own home – in front of you – stress free. Well Groomed Mobile provides all the latest equipment brought into your house including the table, dryer, clippers, scissors, towels and shampoos; you just provide the bathing space.

With Well Groomed Mobile you can request standard breed cuts and styles, or choose the style and cut that best suits you and your furry friend. We will be sure to provide you with the very best of service for your four legged family member making the grooming experience for you and your pet more personable.